The seller
The seller is responsible for providing to the expert a detailed list of bottles he wants to sell and make it available for a physical expertise.

The expert
The expert is responsible for estimating and physically expertising the bottles the seller wants to sell. He is also in charge of the catalog elaboration in response to a specific demand and the auction promotion (, local press, wine press). His presence is essential during the bottles exhibition, which takes place a few hours or a few days before the sale in order to answer buyers questions. He has to be present during the auction to introduce the bottles and to provide informations about them. He works in collaboration with the Auctioneer.
After the auction, the expert takes care of the bottles delivery to the buyers.

The auctioneer
He is a corporate officer in charge of the valuation and of the items sale in public auctions. He leads the auction and his auction room supports the settlements management between buyers and sellers.



What is an expertise ?
This is an ascertainment or a valuation by an expert to accurately check the bottles authenticity and condition which will subsequently  be specified on the auction catalog.

What is a valuation ?
This is the action of determining the value of something with the expert tools and knowledge on a specific market.

What is the expertise price ?
This is free.

What is the bottom price (prix de réserve) ?
Price below which the lot may not be sold.

What is a low / high valuation (estimation basse / haute) ?
This corresponds to the average of the low / high prices identified in the last six months on the French and European market.

How can I know the wine preservation quality ?
This is the expert role to verify the preservation origin and quality. He will give you informations on request.



What is an auction sale ?
This i a public property sale sold to the highest bidder.

Are there only prestigious wines sold ?
No, many wines introduced are worth less than €15.

Is it financially attractive to buy in auction sales ?
Yes because the majority of wines are sold below the market price. In addition, wine and spirits auctions are an opportunity to find old wines.

What are the sales costs ?
Between 18 and 20%.

Have I to be present during the auction ?
No, you can be called during the auction or send us your order purchase by email.

When and how am I notified of the sale of my wine ?
A letter is sent to you within 10 days with the result of the sale and payment.

Can I attend an auction without obligation to purchase?
Yes, the entrance is totally free.